• I cannot say enough good things about "Forever Young"...the guys or the show itself! They were wonderful to work with and they were so self-contained and self-sufficient. My TD had a medical emergency and wasn't able to be there most of the day, but they were very gracious and understanding and the crew they travel with was able to make everything work in our space!   The show was so well received by our audience, many of whom commented that this was the best show they've seen at the theatre. Typically, I like to see the acts I book in showcases and get to know them a bit before I bring them to my theatre, so I was a little nervous having never seen them perform but like my audience, I was impressed by their level of talent. All around it was one of the best experiences I've had with my Presenter Series shows and I'm excited to share my experience with the rest of my Georgia Presenters.
  • Forever Young was a big hit with our audience and, at intermission, I had several audience members asking me to bring back the show next season.The set, choreography, musical arrangements and lighting were exciting and the songs performed were all crowd pleasers, especially “Billy Jean” and “Dragging the Line.” The company and crew were pleasant, professional and easy to work with and they visited with our sponsors and VIPS for quite a bit of time.   This show was presented on our Trending Now Series which is geared to families and adults under 60.   We would definitely book this show again!
    Cindy Garren, MFA Director
    SFSC Cultural Programs

“Forever Young” is the soundtrack of dreams! Those dreams of your youth…of your life…it’s the pop, rock, and country music you grew up with, or embraced as it was handed down to you.

This musical theater production takes place in a basement retreat in the Midwest with 5 powerhouse singers who relive the music of their lives with energetic dance moves and loads of laughs on an exciting and sentimental journey of a lifetime!